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Laminator Modification Guide – Apache AL13P

Pulsar recommended using this specific laminator when using their products. I just got mine delivered a few hours ago and made the modifications as Pulsar suggested. Pulsar provided pretty good instructions but I thought they could use some pictures so

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Homemade PCB Fabrication

I’m going to put this guide up mostly for myself so I can repeat my successful PCB fabrication. I’ll try to update this with links to sites for each product and pictures of my going through the process the next

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Homemade PCB Making Woes

I’ve been trying for several weeks now to perfect the process of homemade PCB creation. So far I haven’t had much success. When I made the PCB for the vUSB Powered Easy ButtonĀ I used the coveted Staples Inkjet Photo Paper

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vUSB Powered Easy Button

I work with a guy that absolutely loves his SSRS reports and contantly updates his different view points into data. Most of the reports and views he uses are accessed via Internet Explorer. His constant refreshes are usually done by

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