Logic Level Shifting Techniques

I recently needed to level shift from 5v to 3.3v. There are about a million different ways to do so, and most of which are using ICs that of course are not in my parts box (not because they shouldn’t be :P). What do you do when you have a new toy and no way to use it? The same thing you do when all you have is a hammer. You hammer stuff. I have plenty of discreet components so I started finding ways to make it work.

I know other people are going to have the same problem even though this is a pretty common problem with many possible solutions. I’m going to compile a list of ways to do it with varying parts so when you only have a hammer you can find something to nail. I’m not going to limit it to discreets though. You’ll find the 74’245 in here soon enough.

Resistor Based Level Shifter (Resistor Divider)
Transistor Based Level Shifter

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