Fixing WordPress JetPack SSL Cert Issue

I ran into a strange issue today while trying to setup a new plugin on my WordPress site. I was trying to install the WordPress JetPack plugin and kept getting an error that said: “SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate in certificate chain”

I’m not even hosting this site over HTTPS so I was curious what certificate I had that was failing. It turns out I just needed to change the JetPack code to authenticate over http rather than https since I’m not using HTTPS…

Change this line in the jetpack.php file:

define( ‘JETPACK__API_BASE’, ‘’ );


define( ‘JETPACK__API_BASE’, ‘’ );

That should fix things right up.

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  1. Carlos says:


    I also ran into this issue and wrote about it ( I just wanted to share as I think it is important to revert back to https after activation and I also found another method to address this. Figured it might be good to share. I hope this helps!

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