Homemade Stir Plate

We needed a stir plate for empowering our yeast for homebrew. It probably took us about 1 hour of actual work to get this little beauty made.

Bill of Materials:

1 Metal Bar (Stir Rod)

1 Beaker

1 PC Fan

1 12v Wall Wort

1 Hard Drive – NOTE: We only need this for the magnets inside. This destroys the hard drive and any/all data on it. I had a dead hard drive laying around. Don’t use one you care about.



This build really shouldn’t require any explanation. You’ll be able to see when and where each part is used purely by looking at the pictures provided.image

The idea is you take the magnets out of a hard drive, glue them onto a standard PC fan, then turn the fan on to spin the magnet which spins the stir rod in a beaker.

I’m trying to get better about taking pictures the entire time I’m working on stuff… This is all I really have for this one though.

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